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Summary: In this era of Technological advancement, mobiles app are leading the way, it is hard to develop complex apps from scratch, but using Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks according to their convenience, helps the developer to easily manipulate the fea

Featured Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework

This post will refer to the top trending Hybrid App Frameworks that make development easier, rather than building from scratch.

We selectively picked up the list of Mostly worked and community supported Frameworks …

  1. React Native

  2. Ionic

  3. Xamarin

  4. Adobe PhoneGap

  5. Mobile Angular AI

  6. Framework 7

  7. Flutter


Lets quickly tour them all….

React Native

With huge community support and backend support from Facebook, React Native tops the list of popularity among hybrid development Frameworks.

It enables Developers to build Cross Platform applications for Android and iOS, React for the web and React Native for mobile development is still the first choice of many large scale companies.


Ionic is free to all Framework, widely used for mobile app development, It is preferred due to its extreme lists of features.

It is basically a client-side Framework with a core of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript used to build a progressive version of apps.

Another functionality of Ionic is it works well Angular to open a lot of featural opportunities to work upon.


Xamarin Powered by Microsoft is a cross-Platform development Framework. A prior Knowledge to C# is required for working with it.

Xamarin top feature is code reusability, i.e. the same code can be transferred to operate on Windows, iOS, MacOS.


Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is another cross-platform development Framework, priory used for developing hybrid apps.

The coolest feature of this Framework is that it removes hardware dependencies, work with the best performance, provides development of apps across all platforms i.e. Android, iOS.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is a free Framework available; it simplifies development with the invasion of HTML5.

It combines the implementation of Angular and Bootstrap altogether.

Framework 7

Framework 7 helps build dynamic in nature apps with effects and animations, more likely looks like native apps.

This mainly focuses on Styling composition of apps, need prerequisite knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Requires no external efforts and dependencies, this makes the workflow swift.


An open source mobile app development SDK featured by Google is also cross-platform app development.

Best suited for the development of Hybrid apps, visuals of the app. Self-written in Dart language.


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