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Summary: Laravel Nova is the administration dashboard created by the team behind Laravel.A Beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

What is laravel nova?

A Administration panel for Laravel created by the Laravel team. Primary feature of Nova is the ability to create, read, update, and delete resources in your database.

Nova is a single-page application built on the Vue.js ecosystem and Tailwind.

Laravel Nova Dashboard

So next question is:-

What are the Features Laravel Nova provide?

Here are some cool features provided by laravel nova:

  1. Resource Management

  2. Actions

  3. Filters

  4. Lenses

  5. Metrics

  6. Custom Tools

  7. Authorization

  8. Custom Fields

  9. Scout Search Integration

But don't forget to check out the pricing for Solo Developers and Teams 

Here you get detail document and pricing :


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