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Summary: symfony and laravel are the two most popularly used PHP frameworks that help developers to create web applications. Both have some common features to share and some functional dissimilarity between them, This post refers to the basic comparison between th

Symfony vs. Laravel ,  Which to choose for web development?


They share some common features before we discussed the point of differences between the two, for instance, Multilingual support, also System requirement essentials for both the framework are almost the same.

The Points of difference

Taking figures as a parameter for comparison laravel has 52.4k Github stars while symfony left behind with less than half of it i.e. 20.7k stars on Github.

symfony having its stable latest version symfony 4.2, while laravel stable release is laravel 5.7 although 5.8 also launched.

Symfony comprises of reusable parts and offers better use of modules. While both these structures use the MVC design to create web applications, Symfony is a superior choice for complex tasks. One can work various parts in it for one anticipate in a secluded manner. This empowers quicker improvement.

The template engine

Where Symfony and Laravel vary is the template engine. It is Twig for Symfony and Blade for Laravel. Blade is considered to have a high ground because of code reusability. There's no compelling reason to characterize a similar capacity twice, as in Twig.

The project needs

Symfony as a PHP framework is well suited for large-scale or complex enterprise level projects. It is a quite stable framework. While laravel is purely designed for developing MVC based web application via PHP.

The Speed

Symfony uses a series of features to be matters its speed of loading the website that’s why laravel loads webpages faster as compared to Symfony. Symfony speed is faster than way other frameworks available in PHP.

Quick tour

Symfony frameworks are mainly designed to develop complex enterprise level web applications that require too much brainstorming for a developer to think upon, That’s why Symfony is quite adaptive. Symfony 2 enables HTTP and HTTP cache handling by being an HTTP-centric request/response framework.

Symfony allows performance boost by providing component reusability.

Laravel comes up with its own advantages of use, as a matter of comparison laravel is built by Symfony itself and due to its great features, it is getting popular.

Laravel comes up with autoloading facility that allows user needs no manual maintenance, Authentication is made easier to tackle while developing with laravel. Any event now can be declared as an object instead of making it event string.

That’s the main point of comparison between the two widely used PHP frameworks. Which allows developers/beginners to make the right choice, to begin with while making a new project.



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